Halo Medical

Halo Medical is part of the Medfac group which includes our sister company Kinetic and its various divisions


Halo has a justified reputation for the supply of innovative, quality, and cost effective orthotic solutions. When considered together with the resources of its other group companies and strategic partners, we feel very well placed to meet all of the expectations of our customers in the execution of Orthotic provision.


As an established orthotic company we have purpose built premises based in Wellingborough, Northants. We thrive on the success of constantly delivering high quality orthotic services and manufacturing value for money bespoke orthotic products for the NHS Trusts located within South East England.


We offer a dedicated team of state registered Orthotists, with extensive experience, to provide specialist services in a variety of disciplines to meet the needs of paediatric, spinal and general orthotic clinics - simply the most versatile and flexible orthotic clinical team.


The background of the company has been to specialise wholly in orthotics which affords our customers with the most functional, user friendly orthoses for their needs.


We uphold the ethos of providing a value for money service, the operation and success of the business comes from the clinicians and support staff within, and the satisfaction of employee’s impacts directly on this belief. We strive to uphold these beliefs in all the services we deliver. We foster a culture of continuous education and training for all our staff.


Our experience of operating a service and the provision of bespoke manufacturing enables the company to offer its clients a highly effective service for obtaining maximum choice for their products and services. We will undertake to promote our services and products in an accurate and honest manner.


Our strategic vision is to enable the clinician to deliver clinical excellence and to work in partnership with our customers ensuring that we provide a positive contribution to deliver excellent value for money. Halo Medical contribute to a patient centred strategy.